SUV Market Segment Continues to Grow Among Millennial Drivers

When it comes to finding the right vehicle for your needs in the greater San Antonio area, younger drivers may be heading towards similar trends as their older counterparts. Millennials in particular have continued to shape entire industries with their population majority, yet one aspect of the auto industry that is growing has been the medium and large SUV segments:

“Millennials are delaying major life decisions, such as getting married and having kids, but today they are the largest generation of homebuyers in the market,” said Dr. Svenja Gudell, chief economist at Zillow. “Despite the urban lifestyle millennials may have sought in their twenties, they’re nearly as likely as older generations to settle down in the suburbs. In many ways, what we’re seeing is that millennial homebuyers have preferences that are very similar to their parents’ and grandparents’ generations.”

While their preceding generation was more adamantly opposed to the SUV market, which greatly influenced the rise of the crossover design, more drivers from ages 35 to 44 have been considering these models again - such as our own Ford Expedition models. The Ford brand expects this latest trend to grow over the next five to seven years, making the SUV market even more profitable as the Millennial generation continues to dictate their preferences.

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