Ford Vehicle with Running Water in the Works!

The Ford brand is going further than ever before.

A Ford engineer has created a system where a vehicle can actually produce drinking water, and provide it to the driver or passengers while driving! It sounds hard to believe, but it indeed true. The system provides drinkable water through using the condensation from the air conditioner of the vehicle! The liquid is channeled into a reservoir, where it then is filtered and pumped to a faucet. So far, the design has shown that there will be a faucet inside the cabin as well as outside of the automobile. Pretty groundbreaking stuff.

On average, this system should be able to produce 24 ounces of water every hour, all from the atmosphere! Perhaps more exciting is that it has the ability to take dirty water from another source and purify it to the point where it is drinkable. This could be a game-changer regarding access to clean water in underdeveloped areas of the world. We may be getting ahead of ourselves, as there are no plans mentioned of this brilliant idea being put into production, but it is certainly still a very exciting concept from Ford.

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